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Some movies Ravage has put together over the years. Either for fundraising or for fun.

Ravage's Angels 2016 Part 1 - Puppy Monkey Monster - Remastered 10/3/2021

Dr. Gizmoticus has an evil scheme to make a Puppy Monkey Baby.

David Kaye as the voice of Dr. Gizmoticus!!

Ravage's Angels 2016 Part 2 - Special Guest TurboRoo! - Remastered 10/9/2021

Justin Beaver Traps Ravage and Max in a Super Mario virtual reality.

David Kaye as the voice of Dr. Gizmoticus!!

Ravage's Angels 2016 Part 2 - Just the Mario Portion with new content - Uploaded 11/08/2020

Just the Mario portion of Part 2

Ravage's Angels 2016 Peppy Monkey Monster Part 3 - Uploaded 12/18/2020

Dr. Gizmoticus unleashes Peppy Monkey Monster on Ravage's Angels. Featuring David Kaye as the voice of Dr. Gizmoticus!!

Ravage's Angels 2016 Mutt Strut Plan - Pinky and the Brain Themed - Uploaded 03/30/2016

Ravage and Max talk about their plans this year for Mutt Strut - This is their "60 seconds or less" Mutt Strut Preparation video challenge submission. **And winner of the challenge!!**
Ravage's Training Montage 2013 Edited for 2016 - Featuring Max - Uploaded 02/23/2016

Edited original footage to be more YouTube-friendly

Ravage's Angels 2015 - The Return of Dr. Gizmoticus - Uploaded 04/13/2015

The return of Dr. Gizmoticus!! - Update - Raised over $5,000 this year :)

Mutt Strut 2015 - Remake of Doggylocks and the 3 Dogs - Uploaded 03/17/2015

Remake of the 2014 video with some different editing and dog voices.
Shadow's "Get to Know Me" video - Uploaded 02/13/2015

Foster Dog Shadow's Intro movie (we adopted him)

Ravage's Angels 2014 - Uploaded 03/22/2014

Dr. Gizmoticus has stolen Ravage's raccoon?!? - Update - It's over but raised almost $3000!!!

Mutt Strut 2014 - Doggylocks and the 3 Dogs - Uploaded 03/05/2014

Ravage's 2014 Mutt Strut Fundraising Movie - Update - Gizmo (Baby Dog) got adopted!!

Ravage VS Icepocalypse - Uploaded 06/25/2013

Lots of slipping and sliding, he was having a good time though.

Training Montage to Eye of the Tiger - Uploaded 05/23/2013

Ravage's 2013 Mutt Strut Fundraising Movie

Ravage's Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty "routine" - 04/02/2013

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